Superhuman Books and Science Fiction

Superhuman books that have evolved through ages and time. To this very day, the most famous book around the world is Iliad and Odyssey written by Homer. Studying mythical facts in Greeks is fun. This is not a novel but an epic. Both, Iliad and Odyssey, have 24 chapters or books. Even movies are created according to the pattern in the story written by the author. There are many people who appreciate this epic or myth produced in the west. This myth talks about gods and goddesses serving the Greeks in the time of battle.

Ender’s Game is an American science fiction written by Orson Scott Card. This talks about alien people in the future world who is going to make the earth become a totally different world in terms of technology.

‘The Day of Triffids’ is a novel written by Wyndham. This is about how the world will be devoured by blindness. According to the fiction, this will happen soon. This is fiction!

‘Red Mars’ is a book that contains the story of a new generation and the most important here is how the earth started and how it would end. If you would read this, you will be shocked with how the writer created the story.

‘The Sirens of Titan’ is a novel written to show the journey of a human world and of space. His journey depicts how the world is full of beautiful things. There are many things to learn about this travel and even to the point of learning the truth.