The 10 similarities and differences of the life of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens

Many people already know who is Jane Austen and also Charles Dickens. They are writers that became famous for their own style and time. The two writers are famous in the industry of literature where they have spent their life and produced works that are still popular and known until this present time. They are writers who became an inspiration to many as they serve as examples of what writers can do and can become without the influence of status in life.

As you may have already read are the similarities and differences between the two writers. Jane Austen does not want to be publicized while Charles Dickens is the opposite as he is very successful self-publicist. Jane Austen spent her life in Southern England while Charles Dickens have traveled around Britain and also in North America and Western Europe. Having this differences they still became writers known to many and their writings have reached a global status. Many people have already read what they wrote and they enjoy reading the books they want from the authors.

Jane Austen died earlier without a husband but a very good aunt to her many nieces and nephews. On the other hand, Charles Dickens was separated to her wife and had a mistress. He also fathered ten children before his death at the age of 58. The family background, environment, and situations can have an influence on the writings to some writers but it did not do anything to make their works popular. If you are looking for a buffet restaurant, here is a great site for you to visit. Here is the recommended site This link will redirect you to the one of the famous restaurant in the world wherein many tourist are coming back to eat here.

The 5 things parents can do to help their child learn to read

One of the things that parents can do for their children is to teach them to read. Teaching children to read is one way of preparing them for their future. We know that a person who does not know how to read can end up being pitiful because almost all activities in this world require reading especially on the rise of technology and internet. Knowing how to operate a computer or laptop is very recommendable then how much more is reading?

Here you can read some information about reading and children. It is written that when a child is in third grade they should be taught already to love or like to read. It is at this point where children will shift from learning to be able to read to reading so that they could learn. With the statistics above of children who do not know how to read you should pay attention to your child and teach him how to read. There are five ways that parents can teach or help their child like reading.

One of the activities that could help them is to read aloud every day. If you can visit the library on a regular basis then do so with your child. It is essential also to give them space and time so they could read books that they like. When you also see some writings or words around them in places you go, point them out and encourage them to read it aloud.

The 6 novel type guides to choose the central conflict of your novel

One of the challenges of writers is choosing the main conflict of their story. They can have plenty of choices and sometimes they are very much confused on what to follow or what to choose. Because of this, it can delay the writing of the story and it can also change the direction of the novel. This part of the story is important because it will be the source of the plot of the story. It will be the one to give direction to the novel.

To help you overcome this challenge, the infographic provides you with the guide on choosing the main conflict of your story. Because your interest can give you inspiration so it can be a very good guide for you to choose. Sometimes you would want a very different ending than what you first decided. It is normal as you are looking for the one that suits what is in there. There are many genres of a novel so at times you would want to write also in many genres.

You can do so and it is also a good way to be able to be creative. Many writers also do not just focus on one genre. So if you are writing one novel and you get to the point that you do not know your central conflict then just use the infographic above as a guide. It could save you much time and will help you along your way to being a writer. On your wedding day, many people are happy for your new chapter of your life. All of the best wishes are being granted for you. Nothing is more happy on your wedding day.

How to write your own sci-fi novel using the PATTERN method

Writing a sci-fi novel is very interesting as you can be able to put in your imagination because of the topic, characters, and setting of it. But it can also be challenging especially if you will do it the first time. The good thing is that there are many sci-fi novels that have been already written and based on them you can be able to also write your own. And also there is a guide that was already developed to help you write.

It is now easier when you will use the guide above, isn’t it? You can answer each question so that you would be able to know what more you need to think and create. As there are established theories that you can use you can be able to write something. You would just need to think of how you can put it in your story that it would still be interesting and exciting to read. The one that it can still catch the attention of the readers.

The PATTERN guide is very effective as it covers all issues that need to be settled so that you can write comfortably without so much delay if you have to think of each of the answers to the question while you are writing. Writing a sci-fi novel is not easy so it is good if you follow the guide and you can see the difference if you have this guide and not having this guide.

Top Famous Superhero Movies in 2017

Movies are one of the most well-known entertainment shows on TV or cinemas. There are a lot of movie genre to choose from such as action, drama, comedy, fantasy, horror, and animation. Most adults would choose to watch action, drama, comedy, and horror movies. But for teenagers and children, they would choose animation movies and action movies. Each of us has our own interests. With the rapid development of technology, the movies that we watch especially those upcoming movies are becoming more interesting and gives us so much excitement.

In this article, you can see the top famous superhero hero movies in 2017.

Power Rangers (March 24, 2017)

This movie gives so much excitement to children and teenagers. The superheroes in this movie are high school students that were chosen to save the world from an evil enemy full of greed.

Justice League (November 17, 2017)

A league of superheroes such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash. In this movie, they are the superheroes that will save the world.

Transformers: The Last Knight (June 23, 2017)

In this movie, it shows how this world will be saved. Since humans and transformers are at war, there’s only one world that should survive.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (May 5, 2017)

The superheroes in this movie have a great adventure as guardians of the galaxy against threats. This movie is very interesting!

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (September 22, 2017)

An action movie that shows great adventures of the members of Kingsman and how they will have a victory against the enemies.




The 6 differences of commercial, literary and upmarket fiction

To some people who do not know much about literature and its branches, fiction is known to them as the ones that are produced in books to be read for entertainment. Only the general knowledge is known and also the authors that they like. But details like the differences of literary, upmarket and commercial fiction is not known to them. That is why this article is helpful so that there would be a good and detailed knowledge about the kinds of fiction.

The infographic presents the six characteristics of the literary fiction and one of it is that it focuses on the language quality and also on the craft and it aims to receive an award on that basis. The pace of the story is slow because it wants to give importance to the language and not the story itself. In the upmarket fiction, it has the goal to provide a topic that is noteworthy to be discussed because it can talk about the real life situation so it is good to be used in a book discussion.

In the last kind of fiction is the commercial fiction that is known and very popular. It attracts more audience as many take reading as a form of entertainment. It has many genres like romance, fantasy, sci-fi, and crime. It is driven by the plot that gives entertainment to the readers. It also closes all issues at the end to make it a complete story unless it is a series.

Famous Actors that Played the Role as Superheroes

Every time we watch movies may it be an action movie or drama, we are too much carried away by the story of the movie. Is it only because of the story? Actually, it is all thanks to the actors who give all their best in acting. Through these actors who give life to a movie script, we can enjoy watching a movie. We feel different emotions while watching. We feel like crying when we watch a drama with a sad story.

And we feel like a superhero who wants to fight the enemies with all our might when we watch an action movie. So, among the movies you have already watched, especially action movies or superhero movies, take a look at the famous actors who played the role as superheroes.

Christian Bale

He played the role as Batman in Batman Begins (2005), Batman in the Dark Knight (2008), and The Dark Knight Rises (2012).

Hugh Jackman

He played the role of being a superhero, Wolverine, in X-men (2000),  X-men 2 (2003), X-men 3 (2006). Until 2014, he played the role as Wolverine.

Brandon Routh

He played the role as Superman in Superman Returns (2006).


Ben Affleck

He played the superhero role as Daredevil (2003), as Batman in the new Batman vs Superman (2015).

Halle Berry

She played the role as Storm in the movie X-men (2000), X-men 2 (2003), X-men last stand (2006).

Jessica Alba

She played the role Mrs. Fantastic in Fantastic Four (2005) and Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007).

Jennifer Garner

She played the role as Elektra in Daredevil 2003 and 2004.

Anna Paquin

She played the role as Rogue in X-men.




The 13 outstanding women who won the Nobel Prize in literature

The Nobel Prize is one of the aims of many people who are advancing in their professions. In terms of literature, their are the thirteen female who had been recognized for their great contribution. They have risen to be a representative of the literary industry that has survived generations and that it will not cease to exist. Literary is one that has existed for many generations and it aims to serve, educate, entertain, and provide comfort to the human race. Let us see the writers.

You can see in the infographic the name, picture, the title of the book they wrote, and the own words of the writers. The record is from 1909 when Selma Lagerlof won the prize until 2013 when  Alice Munro also won the same. In between the two female writers are the eleven females of the same industry who also won the Nobel Prize in different years. This record is a great inspiration to female writers that they can achieve the same award on their own works.

If you want to be inspired also in writing, you can read about them and see if what genre they have written that earned them the prize. If it is the same with you then you can have more inspiration to be able also to learn how to write and what to do so you could start. It is important to ask for tips if you are just starting so you could overcome the challenges and not give up. Choose the best brand of dress and gown for you to wear. Jasmine dresses and gowns makes everything perfect. This is one of the most recommended brand by many  of my friends so I tried it and it is really great.

The fan fiction addiction: The fastest growing category in watt pad

Many readers now are using watt pad as they can easily and freely access many literary works of various kinds that are uploaded by various writers. It s a good place to promote creativity and a good application as it can be available to anyone. That is why it is already a popular site today that is accessed daily with a heavy traffic. Now the watt pad has been dominated by the fan fiction. Because it accepts anything that is a work of literature so it fuels the mind of many readers.

Many loves movies and they are also very creative and so they can make their own stories or novels basing their characters on celebrities who have portrayed a role on a movie. An example is the Twilight. The characters there was used to create another story that is based on what the writer wants to put. It is a very different story with different plot and environment but some facts and personalities of the characters are still the same.

There are already millions of stories uploaded to watt pad and much more are being uploaded today at this moment. The young adult of this generation are very much into this kind of writings and they can spend their time reading all that is in there even if it is the same characters because it has differences. They are very much entertained so they continue to enjoy themselves as they read from one story to another.

The summarized explanation of the 10 literary genres

Many are interested in being a writer because they are interested and amazed at what they have read that is why they also want to write one that can bring entertainment to the people. Being a writer can be easy and not. If you know already what genre of the book or story you will write then you have a starting point. There can be many challenges that you will face when you write the first time. You can ask for an advice from someone.

Here you can choose from the different genres of literature what would you like to write. One writer draws his inspiration to write children’s stories when he used to make stories for his children when they ask for bedtime stories. He says he can know if what he wrote would be appreciated when his children love it as he read it first to them before getting it published. The folktale is once a favorite of my parents before as their grandmother likes to tell them stories.

There are many literary works that have been made into movies. Some became famous and so the books also benefitted as they became a bestseller when their sales increased due to the released of the movie version. There are the series types also that vary in genres. Books, before that is not popular, became famous because of the movie version. It is also good so that you can see how they bring to life the characters and events you only imagine. When you get married, best wishes are being sent for you by many people. A new chapter of your life is awaiting for you. This is the beginning of your good future and happy life.