How to Write a Fictional Story

Writing a fictional novel is not so easy. Reading books is easy for those who are readers. However, this inspires others to write also. There are many fictional books that are being sold out? There are so many fictional stories that can make you become one of the most famous writers. If you know how to find out how the writers wrote the flow of the story, you can make it too.

In order to create a fictional Story whether it is a novel or a short story, you have to posses the passion in writing and reading.

Think of fictional story, a science fiction or a myth or any narrative story. There are many fictional genre of story that you can create out of so many imaginations or fantasy in your mind.

Create the plot of the entire story includes the settings, plot, characters and theme. There are many things you have to think about when you are making  a story especially in designing the plot. Revisions of the introduction is very necessary because this attracts the reader.

Next, think of how you can arrange the flow of the plot. For best result, use the show not tell technique. There are numerous technique in writing the plot. Techniques may include the foreshadowing of the story. Foreshadowing that is not obvious fro the reader to to detect what is going to happen in the future. If you are making a miserable end, you should not make it easy for the reader to point out the the end will not be a happy ending.

Keep on making twists like going back in time or flashback because this is very effective in creating a harmonious plot of the story. Make the story adorable because readers appreciate the plot of the story not only the ending or the characters of the story.

Rewrite and revise the story and take it easy.