Is Reading Fictional Books Necessary?

Perhaps the thought of reading fictional books started when Greeks wrote books about their myths depicting their gods and goddesses. Many countries have also their own national fictional books that they have already published in publication companies after publication companies emerged. Now, you can also upload online books in the internet for more and more people to read. There is no reason for people not to read books.

Not all people read fictional books but why is there a reason for people to read books? This is to expound the imagination level. In fact, imagination works more than when you are watching. This is why it is better to read than to watch.

Students, those who major in language have no choice but to read literary books better than watching. There are many things to understand in reading especially those whose dream is to become a writer someday. Those who are writing needs to verify what is to be written in the story.

When people reads, they think that books are just books but there are so many treasures that are found there. Reading books is knowing the thoughts of different people around the world and finding their talent.

Fictional books makes readers realize about the imaginative world. Although there is nothing real, there will be things to think about. Reading books makes us real readers and critical and analytical thinkers. Reading is a source of entertainment but it is beyond this purpose.

Reading is fun when we want to challenge ourselves.